About Moosty
    "Give Musicians a Fair Chance"
    1) Musicians upload their music in a specific genre
    2) We Moose a randomly chosen song to each user, every day
    3) The Moosed song gets a large audience and you discover the unexpected

    The Concept

    Moosty is a music promotion application. With the use of randomized choice, one uploaded song will be chosen daily to promote.

    The promoted song will be visible to all users who signed up for that specific genre. This way everyone has a fair chance to get promoted to a large audience every day.

    Compare it to a lottery. Everyday one musician (per genre), wins the spotlights! Everyday the users are able to listen to the new song whenever they like to; at breakfast, in the car, in public transport, before going to sleep, it doesn’t matter. But what matters is that you directly reach an audience that is willing to discover new music!

    Photo by: Stef Tervelde